Tree and Shrub Caresycamore-tree

Disease Control Programs: Crabapples, Hawthorns and Pines can benefit from preventative treatments.  This will keep your leaves and needles green, healthy and thriving all year long.

Insect Control: Protect your trees and shrubs from a wide variety of chewing and sucking insects, as well as spider mites.

Deep Root Fertilizing:  New trees and shrubs, or those damaged or stressed will benefit from this program.  Adding nutrients into poor soil conditions builds up the root system and produces healthy and hearty plants.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): 
EABadultsideviewHas been identified in the Kansas City Metro Area.  Only ash trees (both green and white varieties) are affected by the EAB.  We offer preventative treatments to control this destructive boring insect.  If the tree is treated properly before it’s infected, or early in the process, the success rate is very high.  We can evaluate your landscape and help you make the best decisions in determining what trees are valuable and that you may want to protect; and what trees would be better to remove and/or replace.

Tree Injection Pics-2014 006Currently we are using TREE-äge by Arborjet, a form of tree injection used for EAB treatment. Research has shown that this is a very effective product when used professionally.

  • applications should be every two years
  • applied through an injection into the tree trunk
  • does not affect other plants in the area

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